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原保费壳牌案例耐用BlackBerry 9320 / 9220曲线

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原保费壳牌案例耐用BlackBerry 9320 / 9220曲线

原保费壳牌案例耐用BlackBerry 9320 / 9220曲线—是你所需要的,以确保对在秋季划伤,擦伤,碰伤你的设备最大程度的保护。


Specifications and properties of the product

  • Quality and function: premium, genuine (authentic)
  • Materials and fabric: plastic, silicone (rubber)
  • Appearance, image and texture: two or more colors, matte
  • Product type:
Price:  $55
Product code: ACC-46610-302 (ASY-46604-002)

原保费壳牌案例耐用BlackBerry 9320 / 9220曲线

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9320
  • BlackBerry 9315
  • BlackBerry 9310
  • BlackBerry 9220