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Cases with batteries for BlackBerry

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Battery cover not only protects your BlackBerry from damage, but also prolongs its operation without additional recharging! Just pre-charge the case, its power level will show you with a special LED. Now you can always stay in touch without fear that the phone will "sit down" at the most inopportune moment. With its capabilities, the battery case is absolutely not bulky, has an attractive appearance and perfectly matches with the smartphone. You can also see all products of type Cases for BlackBerry and its components.

Pouch with battery or battery case BlackBerry — solution 2 in 1! This is definitely a profitable acquisition, especially if you are actively using a smartphone and can not always recharge it quickly.

The battery case for BlackBerry — is a unique accessory, it is a case with a built-in full-fledged battery that delivers power to the main battery of the device. It's convenient and simple to use the case: just charge it with a standard USB cable (sometimes comes bundled). The charge sensor will tell you that the energy reserve is replenished, and will also notify you if the cover begins to discharge.

The case with built-in battery — is not only an additional power source, but also a great protective accessory. It completely covers the back surface and corners of the smartphone, leaving all the functional parts open for work. Some models of battery cases are additionally equipped with a clip for attaching to a belt or bag.

For our assortment we have picked up the most qualitative and stylish variants of — see photo gallery.