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Covers for BlackBerry

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Original Leather Case-pocket Leather Pocket Pouch for BlackBerry 8520/9300 Curve, Sky Blue The original leather case pocket-Slip Case for BlackBerry PlayBook, Black Original Leather Case-pocket Leather Pocket for BlackBerry 8100/8110/8120 Pearl, Black Corporate Case-pocket Dicota TabCover for BlackBerry PlayBook, Black Signature Leather Case-pocket handmade clip Monaco Vertical / Horisontal Pouch Type Leather Case for the BlackBerry Q10 / 9983, Black (Black), Portrait (Vertical)

Classic accessory for the smartphone — pocket-case. Cases of this type are all time accessories, they often come bundled with the smartphone. Pocket cases are tested for time and have fallen in love with many users as the most convenient. Pockets are characterized by a wealth of design, based on leather or imitation leather. How does the case work is clear from the title: just put the smartphone inside and, when necessary, get it. Most pockets automatically lock the screen and keyboard. See our assortment of pocket cases in this section, and be sure that you will find the model you need! You can also see all products of type Cases for BlackBerry and its components.

Categories of page Covers for BlackBerry

The BlackBerry — pocket is one of the most popular smartphone protection accessories. Pocket-case BlackBerry — is a classic that will be appropriate in any situation.

In most cases, the pocket-pouch for BlackBerry has a laconic design and a base color, this is the secret of its many years of success among users and compatibility with any image. At the same time, the pocket does not look boring, because each of the items is decorated with discreet stylish details: a metal logo BlackBerry, a relief inscription BlackBerry, a contrasting stitch, an interesting surface texture, etc.

Pockets BlackBerry are divided into the following categories:

  • The original — produced by the company BlackBerry. The — pocket is one of the first accessories that appeared in the company, often this kind of cover comes with the phone when it is sold. The original BlackBerry pocket is equipped with a magnetic function that automatically locks the screen and keyboard when the smartphone is inside the — very convenient invention. Pockets BlackBerry of original manufacture are made basically from a natural leather, but there are also models from qualitative kozhzama, a microfiber, the combined material. Color palette of original covers: white or black, noble colors, base with bright detail.
  • Branded — are distinguished by an exclusive design. Often there are models of genuine leather handmade. The branded pocket BlackBerry will be a worthy gift. If you like to stand out, but you need to keep a business style, the — branded case is your choice. Since the models of branded pockets are unique, you are unlikely to find among the environment the second is the same. The BlackBerry — logo case is an unusual shape, texture, material, long service life and unsurpassed quality.
  • The third-hand pocket of the — is an excellent variant, this pocket is suitable for every day, and the price will not be too expensive. The BlackBerry pocket of a third-party manufacturer is mainly made from leatherette or pressed leather. There are both copies of original covers, and your design. Sometimes these pockets are equipped with magnetic technology BlackBerry, as well as the original ones.

The pocket-pocket for BlackBerry is easy to use and functional. Due to its structure, it protects all vulnerable surfaces of the smartphone, covering most of it.

Our assortment of pockets BlackBerry is rich and diverse. For convenience, you can use the classifier and choose your model. Be sure to look at the photo gallery, all photos were taken from real covers.

BlackBerry DTEK60

Buy The original combination Case-pocket Smart Pocket for BlackBerry DTEK60
High-quality and very handy accessory. It allows as little as possible to take out your smartphone. Trendy design leather as a part.

BlackBerry 9900/ 9930

Exclusive accessory unsurpassed quality from the company Monaco. Excellent look at the most demanding taste. On page lists the horizontal and vertical covers, pockets with clips.
-51% $45
It provides full protection for your phone from various injuries. Excellent appearance, classic smooth texture. This original Case for BlackBerry 9900 supplied some foreign operators. Supports magnetic BlackBerry technology.

BlackBerry 9720

-51% $45
It provides full protection for your phone from various injuries. Excellent appearance, classic smooth texture. This original Case for BlackBerry 9900 supplied some foreign operators. Supports magnetic BlackBerry technology.