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Napkins for cleaning smartphones

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A wide range of special wipes for cleaning digital devices. Napkins are made of delicate fabric, have softness, strength and hygroscopicity. You can also see all products of type Tools for BlackBerry.

Napkins for cleaning — indispensable accessory for every smartphone owner. At any suitable and unsuitable situation it is necessary to use it: if you accidentally spilled in a restaurant on a glass Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 1941, nehily unwell with catarrh, or noticed a speck of dust on your watch Frederique Constant.

Excellent removes any dirt, takes care of your smartphone.
Buy Branded microfibre cloth to clean the phone Smartphone Experts Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for BlackBerry
It made of microfiber — soft, durable and safe material with excellent cleaning properties. Excellent removes any contamination. Delicate smartphone. Take care of your smartphone with high-quality branded funds, and it will maintain its perfect shape for a long time!
Buy Original cloth to clean the phone 12x12 BlackBerry Polishing Cloth
Perfect cleanliness and respect for the phone. Original quality, long service life. Napkin is easy to keep on hand: you will always be able to dust or wipe fingerprints and your smartphone back on top!
Buy Exclusive cloth to clean the Porsche Design BlackBerry smartphone
An exclusive version of the original cloth, different proprietary design the Porsche, on a napkin placed logo.