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Battery E-M1 (copy) for BlackBerry

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Battery E-M1 (copy) for BlackBerry
To replace the battery has run down, as well as to provide removable backup. Inexpensive alternative to the original battery.

Battery E-M1 (copy) for the BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve. To replace the battery has run down, as well as providing a removable reserve.

Additional battery — irreplaceable thing for people actively using your smartphone as well as business trips, especially if the battery charger.

High-quality copy of the Battery BlackBerry E-M1 — inexpensive alternative The original battery E-M1 for BlackBerry. Non-original batteries BlackBerry (copies) — batteries made by an unknown company, usually in China. The copy has a smaller battery life, uneven shows the level of charge (when the charge balance of 20% of the phone can be disconnected). This appearance is similar to a copy of the original, so when choosing a BlackBerry battery should be especially careful. Keep in mind that not all copies of the same, there is less quality, and there is more, when the same appearance. We have selected for you the best in quality copy of the original battery.

This Li-Ion (Li-Ion) battery maintains a significant number of discharge-charge cycles, has a low rate of self-discharge (when the battery is not in use), and it is permissible "dozaryazhat", even if it is not fully discharged. However, please note that in order to achieve the maximum capacity of the battery, at the beginning of its operation is recommended for 2-3 cycles of full discharge and charge. And if you are planning for a long time not to use lithium-ion battery, charge it to the level of 70% of the container 1 per 6–9 months.

It does not require reprogramming operations, you can start to use this copy of the battery-E-M1 directly.

Specifications and properties of the product

Price:  $7
Product code: BATT-EM1-C

Battery E-M1 (copy) for BlackBerry

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9370
  • BlackBerry 9360
  • BlackBerry 9350