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Accessories and spare parts for BlackBerry Evolve

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Big BlackBerry

The huge capacitive touchscreen, the highest performance and quality of the camera, first-class design, countless Google Play applications and unsurpassed security.

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Protective films, covers, chargers and other accessories and spare parts for BlackBerry Evolve

This page contains all spare parts and accessories for BlackBerry Evolve. If you have Evolve X, look at another page .

Evolve — smartphone with a large screen. Apply protective film and buy a case. For your convenience also: chargers, memory cards, headsets.

On this page are also — spare parts for BlackBerry Evolve: screens and touch screens, motherboards, batteries. Original parts, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier worldwide, including the countries of America, Europe, Indonesia and Australia.

Enjoy the catalog and successful acquisitions!

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Special offers

-44% $25
Buy Stereo Headset 3.5mm Stereo Headset for BlackBerry (copy)
The sound quality at the height, the appearance is indistinguishable from the original.
-43% $21
Buy Original Data-cable DT USB Type C for BlackBerry
This cable comes with the BlackBerry DTEK60. Suitable for all devices with built-in USB Type C. The cable length of 1 m.
-26% $31
Buy Original wall charger with increased current 2000mA
The QC10UK (QC13UK) portable charger has a 2A current and allows you to charge modern devices quickly.
-77% $53
Buy 2nd Gen Mono Headset 3.5mm Original Mono Headset for BlackBerry
An improved version of the classic mono headset with advanced ergonomics and technical specifications. Design and quality BlackBerry.

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