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Car Device for BlackBerry

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Фирменный держатель в авто iBolt для BlackBerryЭксклюзивное автомобильное зарядное устройство для BlackBerryОригинальная Bluetooth-гарнитура для BlackBerryФирменный коврик в автомобиль PanaVise для BlackBerry

Holders and chargers, speakerphones, wireless headsets, and other accessories that will be useful BlackBerry owner in the car. See also the road device at the accessories page for your BlackBerry model .

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Holders and chargers to cars, speakerphone, Bluetooth-Headset for BlackBerry

Фирменный держатель / зарядная станция в автомобиль iGrip PerfektFit Charging Dock Mount&Holder для BlackBerry 9900/9930 Bold

Holder in the car for BlackBerry will allow the most comfortable to use the device while traveling. Holder securely locks the unit, preventing it from falling or displacement, and allow you to conveniently use your smartphone while traveling. adjustment screws allow you to choose the most comfortable position of the smartphone, as well as the desired slope.

BlackBerry Holders convenient, because you can use your smartphone as a navigator, for charging, you can talk hands-free, listen to music and — is hands-free and with a concentration on the road — holders are required for safe driving. In addition to its functionality, the holder in the car also will decorate your car. Fasten holders in different ways to the windshield, the dashboard of car, to the radiator grille.

An alternative to the classic cars in the holder is a holder-loop fastener.

Charger car — a great opportunity to recharge the BlackBerry, the comfort of the car, is indispensable on long trips. It is easy to use: to charge your smartphone battery simply plug the charger into the cigarette lighter. Convoluted cable is easily stretches to the exact length that you need. They differ in design, cable length, and most importantly — on the output current of (new models are more demanding for this parameter, see compatibility list).

Автомобильное зарядное устройство с двумя разъемами: MicroUSB и MiniUSB для BlackBerry

Спикерфон для BlackBerry The most convenient and practical hands-free device in the car is a speakerphone. It frees up your hands not only during a call, but also has voice dialing function. Some models can also play your music tracks or broadcast them to the car audio system.

In the same purpose and have of Bluetooth-headset for BlackBerry, — all this for your safety, use the phone without a hands-free is not only dangerous, but also illegal. Headsets BlackBerry convenient, they are small and easily mounted on the ear. At the same time, they ensure high voice quality and ease of use. With Bluetooth-headset BlackBerry, you'll not give up, even coming out of the car. Try it yourself.

AUX-cable allows you to transfer audio from the BlackBerry to the receiving device. For example, you can with the help of this cable to connect your phone to the car radio via the AUX connector, play a music track on your phone, and the sound will be played audio speakers of your car, which certainly is not only convenient, but also increases and the volume and sound quality . An indispensable accessory for the music lover.

Charger and its accessories

Car charger


Buy Original Charger (1A, MicroUSB) in the car In-Vehicle Charger for BlackBerry
It allows you to quickly charge your smartphone and other devices directly in the car. High amperage. Excellent appearance and quality of the original. USB-cable included.
Buy Original Quick Charger (1.8A, MicroUSB) in the car Premium In-Vehicle Charger for BlackBerry
It allows you to quickly recharge even the most demanding power supply unit, thanks to an incredibly high amperage! It has an additional USB-port, you can charge two devices at the same time. Excellent appearance and quality of the original.

Cable, adapter or switch

Audio cable

To transmit audio from your BlackBerry smartphone to radio, a stereo system, a signal amplifier.
Buy Corporate audio cable Incipio the OX Audio-to-Audio Jack (Aux) for BlackBerry
To transmit audio from your BlackBerry smartphone to radio, a stereo system, a signal amplifier. Proprietary design and quality Incipio.