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Protective film for BlackBerry

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A transparent protective film for BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch, Transparent Screen protector mirror for BlackBerry 9900/9930 Bold Touch, Mirror Anti-glare protective film for BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch, Transparent Corporate set of screen protectors and body BodyGuardz Armor for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Black texture "Carbon Fiber" An exclusive set of stickers with a picture for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Glossy, Figure "Infinity S" Protective film-glass screen for BlackBerry DTEK50, Transparent Matte protective film «Privacy» for BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch, Darkened Corporate transparent set of screen protectors and body BodyGuardz Protective Skin for BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch, Transparent

A section of all available protection films for BlackBerry. Here you will find films not only for the screen, but also for the full housing and its parts. There are many options for protective films, see photos and description.

Protective film BlackBerry — an indispensable protective element for the smartphone. The film should ideally be glued to the screen immediately after buying the phone, so you minimize the damage. To protect the screen should be taken seriously, because it is a fragile, technologically complex and expensive part of the smartphone.

We have films on the screen BlackBerry in all their diversity, but not only. There are also various films on the case BlackBerry, which will protect both the screen and other parts of the smartphone!

The film for BlackBerry has many options for the degree of protection, thickness, effects. It all depends on your preferences and needs.

The films on the screen for BlackBerry are divided into the following main categories:

  • Screen protector BlackBerry transparent — classic version, thin, crystal clear. If you are skeptical of the films, try a transparent film on the screen, you will hardly notice it when using a smartphone.
  • The film on the screen is anti-glare — very popular option among users. This is the same thin and inconspicuous BlackBerry film, only supplemented with an anti-reflective effect, which gives it a light matte texture. It does not shine, it is very convenient to use. Does not distort colors.
  • Protective film for the privacy screen or darkened is characterized by a denser structure and darkened material. Blackberry BlackBoard has a special effect: when the screen is opposite, the image on it is clearly visible, but if you look at an angle, it will be difficult to disassemble something on the screen. Such a film will eliminate the attention of strangers to the image of your screen. Very convenient in crowded places, transport. The film itself looks solid and serves a long time.

For some models, there are films with additional visual effects: Mirror or Diamond. Such films not only protect BlackBerry, but also look unusually.

Films for the case also come in different types:

  • Transparent film on the case BlackBerry — is the best option for those who do not want to use the case. Protects the entire smartphone without changing its design. Transparent film BlackBerry for the body is a set of films on different parts of the body. Films are made taking into account the design of the device, ideally sit down and hold, leave no traces. Movable and functional parts of the phone do not close with films.
  • For fans of unusual and interesting there are also colored films on the case BlackBerry. This is a set of films with a transparent part for the screen and a color (pictorial, relief) part for the case. This set protects the case from wear and decorates it with a unique design. Color films make it possible to change the appearance of the phone without buying a case or a new case. If necessary, they can easily be removed and replaced.

Due to ease of use, moderate cost and useful properties, the BlackBerry film has become a necessary protective accessory for every BlackBerry smartphone. At us you will find the widest assortment of films for all models BlackBerry.