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Portable chargers and batteries for BlackBerry

Portable charger is the "external battery", a very handy thing when traveling. Charge your smartphone even there is no access to a power outlet. The small size and weight allows keep the device always with you. Portable Battery Charger is a specific for each smartphone model or multi-purpose for various devices. You can also see all products of type Chargers for BlackBerry and its parts.

-97% $60
Buy Portable Charger for BlackBerry 9700/9780 Bold
It allows you to conveniently charge your phone when it's needed, while continuing to use it.
-56% $68
Buy Original Travel Charger MP-2100 Mobile Power for BlackBerry
Very user-friendly format with built-in cable! The maximum fine charge indicator. Stylish design, original quality. The compactness and minimum weight with high capacity. Necessary accessory for busy people.