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Wall chargers for BlackBerry

Classic AC charger for BlackBerry — essential for any user. It provides the easiest and most versatile way to charge the unit using the wall outlet. We provide standard chargers and more compact versions of "Micro" chargers, which are easy to carry. You can also see all products of type Chargers for BlackBerry and its parts.

Buy Original wall charger with MiniUSB connector
Original AC charger with MicroUSB connector.
Buy Original Travel Charger 1.8A
Charges even the most demanding devices quickly thanks to the high output current — 1800 mA! Compact, easy to take with you.
Buy Original International Charger 2A wall charger with attachments for different countries
The high current — as much as 2A — allows you to quickly charge even the most demanding devices. Includes attachments for all regions of the world: perfect for travelers.
Buy Original 1300mA high current wall charger with USB cable AC-1300 Charger Bundle
Smartphone charging kit: high-current AC charger (1300 mA) and microUSB cable. Manufactured by BlackBerry.
-26% $31
Buy Original wall charger with increased current 2000mA
The QC10UK (QC13UK) portable charger has a 2A current and allows you to charge modern devices quickly.
Buy The original network charger increased current 1300mA Euro type for BlackBerry
This network charger increased output current — 1300mA. Euro type.
Buy 2000mA Original AC Charger (for Europe / Russia) for BlackBerry
AC charger 2A. Plug for Europe and Russia.