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Accessories and spare parts for the BlackBerry Z5

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Chargers, cases and other accessories and spare parts for BlackBerry Z5

The original and branded accessories specifically for the BlackBerry is not the Z5 as the device remains in the stage of «Beta» in connection with the changed BlackBerry plans. Yet, if you managed to get hold of this device, all that we can offer — just some parts.

To repair the Z5 BlackBerry contact our dedicated BlackBerry service center. And if you need to transfer to contacts smartphone, update the operating system, install applications or configure email — see section on setting up BlackBerry services .

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Spare part

Buy Original Back Cover for BlackBerry Z5
A great option to replace damaged or lost cover — — because this is exactly the same, the production of BlackBerry. Bring your smartphone beautiful appearance!
Buy The lower part of the body with an antenna for BlackBerry Z5
The body portion with an antenna ANT-55561-002 * and nets speaker and microphone. Production of BlackBerry, a guarantee of quality.