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Colour housing for BlackBerry 9000 Bold

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Colour housing for BlackBerry 9000 Bold
We offer you not only limited to the original colors of the body and create their unique style! Make your BlackBerry really personal!

Colour cabinet — an opportunity to make your phone individual, such as you like. We invite you to go beyond the original colors, and create your unique style! Available wide range of colors from the calm and the universal to the most bold and bright! Housings are individually designed, see the photo gallery for your reference.

Typical equipment:

  • Back cover
  • The rim with buttons
  • U-cover
  • English keyboard
  • Glass on the screen (not available for all colors)

You can also order the service installation housing: Replacement full housing.

Specifications and properties of the product

Price:  $7

Colour housing for BlackBerry 9000 Bold

Product variants and codes:

  • Matt black, cap "Skin" 9000HSC-BK-MLE
  • White Pearl, Caps 9000HSC-WT-PPL
  • Red Matt, cover "skin" 9000HSC-RD-MLE
  • Gold Matte, cover "skin" 9000HSC-GL-MLE
  • Silver glossy lid metal Louis Vuitton 9000HSC-SL-GLV
  • Pink Pearl, Caps 9000HSC-PN-PPL
  • Purple Pearl, cover "skin" 9000HSC-PP-PLE
  • Blue Brushed, cover "skin" 9000HSC-BU-MLE
  • Matt Gray, Caps 9000HSC-GY-MPL

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9000