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Bumper type covers for BlackBerry

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The bumper type case is a relatively new model of the protective case. Perfect for those who do not want to change the design of the favorite BlackBerry smartphone, but want to protect the sides and corners of it, body parts, which are really the most often scratched. The bumper does not interfere and it has cutouts for all the functional elements. You can also see all products of type Cases for BlackBerry and its components.

Bumper BlackBerry — easy and convenient cover. It almost does not change the design of the smartphone, but it protects the smartphone well around the perimeter, it preserves the rim in its original form.

The bumper cover for BlackBerry is made of durable and resiliently compacted silicone. Such material provides the bumper with an excellent fit, shock absorption, excellent protection from scratches and chips, prevention of contaminants. For the bumper itself is easy to care for: just wipe it with a napkin.

The bumper for BlackBerry is durable and convenient to use, it has cutouts for the USB connector, audio input and other functional parts. Bumper cover enough to wear once and to work with a smartphone to shoot it will not be necessary.

A "bumper" type cover is produced for different BlackBerry models, taking into account their design and size. The bumper cover completely repeats the shape and bends of the device. Buttons in it are easily pressed, and cutouts fall precisely under the necessary holes.

The design of the cover is laconic: you can close the rim with an opaque cover, or if you want very minimal changes in the design of your smartphone, choose a semi-transparent version of the bumper with a colored element along the contour. The color of the cover-bumper in our store is not only classic white and black, but also rich red, bright yellow, delicate pink and others.

The — bumper is a relatively new form factor for the BlackBerry, but it has already caught on to many users. Its unpretentiousness, versatility, miniature and loyal price category have become its advantages. Often, users choose a case of this type for sensory models, for example, a bumper for BlackBerry Z30 or a bumper for BlackBerry Z10. The bumper cover for BlackBerry Q10, the keyboard model of the smartphone, also benefits.

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