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Motherboard for BlackBerry DTEK60

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Motherboard for BlackBerry DTEK60
The main element of the smartphone BlackBerry DTEK60, which is necessary for repair in the most difficult problems with the device.

The main element of the smartphone Smartphone BlackBerry DTEK60.

The BlackBerry DTEK60 motherboard is the most expensive element of the device. It is both the computing center and the integrating link —, it is a circuit board with installed components DTEK60:

  • Chipset Qualcomm 8996 Snapdragon 820 Quad-Core, 64 bit
  • Processors Qualcomm MSM8996 with 64 bit Quad-Core 2 + 2 Kryo 2.15GHz / 1.6GHz (Snapdragon 820 Quad-Core, 64 bit)
  • The graphics processor Adreno 530, 624 MHz
  • 4096 MB of RAM
  • 32.0 GB flash memory
  • NFC module
  • Wi-Fi a / ac / b / g / n module
  • GPS and GLONASS modules
  • Bluetooth 4.2 + LE
  • GSM + 3G + 4G Modules
  • Gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, and other sensors
  • Power Controller

These components are reliably hidden under the compounds and can not be replaced, the only solution for repair is Replacing the motherboard.

In addition to the above, the motherboard BlackBerry DTEK60 includes various replaceable sensors, connectors and microcircuits:

This is the original motherboard, the production BlackBerry, can be removed from the new or used-device. We guarantee the functionality of all functions, as well as services BlackBerry, including BIS.

The motherboard BlackBerry DTEK60 already has an Android operating system, and support for Russian and other languages. When replacing the motherboard with your IMEI, the PIN will be replaced, as if you are using a new device. A ready-made component for replacement and repair.

Specifications and properties of the product

Price:  $115
Product code: DT60MBOARD

Motherboard for BlackBerry DTEK60

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry DTEK60