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Accessories and Parts for BlackBerry DTEK60

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Development of DTEK protected technologies

As a continuation of BlackBerry DTEK50, DTEK60 model has improved technical characteristics of — screen 5.5 "higher resolution, more memory and processor speed, 21 megapixel camera, 3000 mAh capacious battery and fingerprint scanner .In the rest — is still the same smartphone with Android OS installed and preinstalled applications BBM, Hub, and many others.

Shop for Smartphone BlackBerry DTEK60:

Choose accessories and spare parts for BlackBerry DTEK60

Owner BlackBerry DTEK60 not so easy to pick up accessories, it is so difficult to find the right! All that is compatible with this smartphone, you can find on this page.

Even more — screen even more requirements for its protection — DTEK60 install the protective film or glass. Music lover? We will offer the best headsets and headphones. Watch movies? Buy a capacious memory card! Spend a lot of time in the car? Purchase a holder and charger into a "cigarette lighter".

Those who want to do DTEK60 renovated, we offer spare parts. And, of course, a specialized service center InfoResheniya BlackBerry provides all services for repairs BlackBerry DTEK60 and configure BlackBerry DTEK60 .

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Special offers

-84% $25
Buy Stereo Headset 3.5mm Stereo Headset for BlackBerry (copy)
The sound quality at the height, the appearance is indistinguishable from the original.
-43% $21
Buy Original Data-cable DT USB Type C for BlackBerry
This cable comes with the BlackBerry DTEK60. Suitable for all devices with built-in USB Type C. The cable length of 1 m.
-26% $31
Buy Original wall charger with increased current 2000mA
The QC10UK (QC13UK) portable charger has a 2A current and allows you to charge modern devices quickly.
-83% $53
Buy 2nd Gen Mono Headset 3.5mm Original Mono Headset for BlackBerry
An improved version of the classic mono headset with advanced ergonomics and technical specifications. Design and quality BlackBerry.
-91% $32
Buy Holder in the car mount on the glass Universal Windshield Car Mount for BlackBerry
Will most comfortable using your BlackBerry while traveling. Very easy to use and compact, fully formed. Laconic design and unusual shape.
-62% $47
Buy Corporate universal car holder iBolt ProDock Alumina for BlackBerry
This innovation is truly "smart" device. Very adaptable and multifunctional. Three variants of the attachment. Maximum reliability fix virtually any smartphone in a cover or not. Aesthetic design, unsurpassed quality.
-67% $36
Buy Corporate car holder Arkon Slim-Grip Travelmount Deluxe for BlackBerry
Will you make the most convenient to use your BlackBerry to the road conditions. Distinguished by elegance and sophisticated design. Brand quality Arkon guarantees reliability and durability.

Protective sticker


For screen


Buy Branded protective film IMAK for screen for BlackBerry DTEK60
Classic transparent film will reliably protect your smartphone's screen from scratches and dirt. Branded, high quality.

Protective sticker → For screen → Protective tempered glass

Buy Protective film-glass 2.5D for the screen for BlackBerry DTEK60
The film-glass perfectly repeats the dimensions of the DTEK60 screen. Wear-resistant, will last long. Greaseproof coating.



Standard capacity

Buy Original battery TLp030F2 for BlackBerry DTEK60
Suitable for replacing a faulty battery or battery with an already used reserve. The original battery is of high quality and long service life. 3000 mAh.

Spare part


Housing and its parts

Housing parts


Buy The bottom panel with a media speaker and antennas BlackBerry DTEK60
Media speaker with a contact panel and antennas — ready-made repair solution. Production BlackBerry, quality assurance.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Top-cover

Buy Loudspeaker grille for BlackBerry DTEK60
A plastic element that is attached to the middle of the body from above and below.
Buy The upper panel with a voice speaker and antennas BlackBerry DTEK60
Ready-made solution for replacement. Production BlackBerry, quality assurance.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Bezel

Bezel only
Buy Bezel (middle part) of the original case for BlackBerry DTEK60
Used to update the appearance of the smartphone. Original spare part.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Camera panel

Buy Glass Camera Flash for BlackBerry DTEK60
It is the "window" for the main camera flash.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Side and bezel buttons

Buy On / off button for BlackBerry DTEK60
The main button for BlackBerry DTEK60 — is the power button for locking and locking the device.
Buy Ring function button for BlackBerry DTEK60
Fastening to the middle part of the body (rim) for a functional (additional) button.
Buy Side volume control buttons for BlackBerry DTEK60
Buttons for volume control on BlackBerry DTEK60, are installed on the middle part of the case.

Spare part → Antenna

Buy Antenna NFC for BlackBerry DTEK60
Included in the original cover, is the perceiving element of the NFC signal. The original part is BlackBerry.

Spare part → Connector or contact parts

Contact parts

Buy The microcircuit of buttons of loudness and additional button for BlackBerry DTEK60
It is a set of contacts connected on a loop connected by a connector to the motherboard. Original spare part.

Spare part → Camera

Buy Camera main T30 for BlackBerry DTEK60
The main (rear) camera for BlackBerry DTEK60. Original spare part.
Buy Front camera T27 for BlackBerry DTEK50 / DTEK60
Front camera for BlackBerry DTEK50 and BlackBerry DTEK60, resolution of 8 MPiks. Original spare part.

Spare part → USB connector

Buy USB Connector (Charger Connector) T18 on microchip with microphone and vibration motor for BlackBerry DTEK60
This is the original connector for connecting chargers and USB cables for BlackBerry DTEK60. On a microcircuit with a basic (speech) microphone and a vibration motor and other elements.

Spare part → Screen in assembly

Buy LCD screen with touch screen and bezel for BlackBerry DTEK60
The best solution for repairing a smartphone. All components are original, in the assembly: LCD screen, touch-screen, bezel (middle part).

Spare part → PCB or integrated circuit


Ribbon cable

Buy Plane of motherboard for BlackBerry DTEK60
A cable that connects the motherboard and the USB chip of the DTEK60 smartphone.
Buy Audio connector chip in the assembly with proximity and light sensors, microphone and power button for BlackBerry DTEK60
Required element for connecting a 3.5 mm audio headset and other media devices. This spare part also has a power button, an additional microphone, proximity and light sensors. A ready-made replacement solution, all components are located on a single loop plugged into the connector to the motherboard.

Spare part → PCB or integrated circuit → Motherboard

Buy Motherboard for BlackBerry DTEK60
The main element of the smartphone BlackBerry DTEK60, which is necessary for repair in the most difficult problems with the device.

Spare part → PCB or integrated circuit → Of sensors

Buy LED indicator light for BlackBerry DTEK60
The indicator is required for color notification when messages arrive.

Spare part → SIM-card holder

Buy SIM card holder and memory card for BlackBerry DTEK60
Used for BlackBerry DTEK60 for inserting and holding both a SIM card and a memory card in the connector. Original spare part, production BlackBerry.

Packaging / box



Buy Smartphone Box BlackBerry DTEK60
The original cardboard box from the smartphone BlackBerry DTEK60: the main box and cardboard inserts. This is only a box (packing). Smartphone and accessories are not included.

Case and its accessories


Snap-on case

Buy Firm plastic cover, cover IMAK Sandy Shell for BlackBerry DTEK60
Thin and light corporate cover-cap IMAK with amazing texture. Removable mount pedestal. The protective film is complete.

Case and its accessories → Horizontal filp case

Practical and convenient carrying case with concise design.
Universal case that completely protects the device acts as a stand, serves as wallet for money and credit cards.
Representative and versatile accessory choice busy person.

Case and its accessories → Pocket case

Buy The original combination Case-pocket Smart Pocket for BlackBerry DTEK60
High-quality and very handy accessory. It allows as little as possible to take out your smartphone. Trendy design leather as a part.

Case and its accessories → Silicone case

Buy The original silicone case sealed Soft Shell Case for BlackBerry DTEK60
Robust, resilient and lightweight material at the same time. BlackBerry Quality. Minimalistic design and beautiful "smoky" color.

Charger and its accessories


Headset and its accessories


Memory card


Media device


Cable, adapter or switch


Holder, mount, velcro or their parts




Universal accessory