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Replacing the motherboard

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Replacing the motherboard

Replacing the motherboard

Motherboard — "heart" of your BlackBerry. In cases where it can not repair, it must be replaced. Perform on-site for 20-50 minutes.

Get this service via mail-in worldwide. Easy as 1-2-3-4, and top-level quality are guaranteed.

Price of Replacing the motherboard service for your BlackBerry model

from $9
If your BlackBerry model is not listed here, perhaps, we drive you to wrong page. Some times it's easier to inquiry repair services and evaluation of cost.  

Replacing the motherboard in a specialized service center BlackBerry

Smartphones BlackBerry — high-tech devices, and not in all cases lend themselves to repair. If repair is not possible, the solution is to replace the motherboard. This is the most costly repairs, but with well-preserved body of the screen or it is economically justified.

Motherboard (motherboard) BlackBerry — integrating element, which are arranged and combined in a system CPU and GPU, RAM and flash memory, as well as connectors for the camera, ports, antennas, and many other elements. Many elements of the motherboard on the BlackBerry can not be replaced, and physically closed "compounds" (this is a thermoplastic polymer resin), and metal boxes: on the one hand, it increases the security's BlackBerry "hacker" attacks, the other — «puts an end" to the maintainability .

The most common causes irreversible damage to the motherboard are:

  • liquid damage
  • severe physical damage
  • the impact of electricity
  • damage to the food chain unoriginal charger or battery

We motherboards available on selected models only BlackBerry. Check with the manager if you are interested in this repair.

Examples motherboards for BlackBerry:

Motherboard for BlackBerry 9900 / 9930 Bold Motherboard of the BlackBerry Passport Motherboard for BlackBerry Q5 Motherboard for BlackBerry Z30

Replace the motherboard can be on all models of BlackBerry, including:

  • BlackBerry Passport
  • BlackBerry Classic
  • BlackBerry Q10, Q5
  • BlackBerry Z10
  • BlackBerry P'9981 Porsche Design
  • BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch
  • BlackBerry 9790 Bold
  • BlackBerry 9500/9530 Storm

The full list of models and prices see above replacement by using the "price of the service for your model of BlackBerry».