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Replacing screen glass

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Replacing screen glass

Replacing screen glass

For devices where the screen protective covers "piece of glass" (usually Curve series phones), an important part of the update is to be replaced — because this element is most noticeable. For models with a touch glass, see service Replacement touchscreen .

Perform on-site for 10-20 minutes.

Get this service via mail-in worldwide. Easy as 1-2-3-4, and top-level quality are guaranteed.

Price of Replacing screen glass service for your BlackBerry model

from $10
If your BlackBerry model is not listed here, perhaps, we drive you to wrong page. Some times it's easier to inquiry repair services and evaluation of cost.  

Replacing the BlackBerry screen glass in a specialized service center

Display some BlackBerry models covers protective "piece of glass" (usually Curve series phones), which is not a touch screen and does not have the touch function. Such a "glass" is solely protective and aesthetic function, has no chip, and therefore easier to replace than the touch screen.

However, the "glass» — most scratched part of the BlackBerry housing, and its replacement is necessary to update the look of your smartphone, because this element is most noticeable.

Стекло экрана для BlackBerry 9300 CurveСтекло экрана для BlackBerry 9360 CurveСтекло экрана для BlackBerry 9100 и 9105

Replace glass screen can be on some models BlackBerry, among them:

  • BlackBerry 9360 Curve
  • BlackBerry 9320 Curve
  • BlackBerry 8520/9300 Curve 3G
  • BlackBerry 9100/9105 Pearl 3G

A full list of models and the replacement rates, see above with the help of the element "price of the service for your model BlackBerry».