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Replacement rim

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Replacement rim

Replacement rim

Replacing the rim — is one of the most frequent operations for updating the appearance of the smartphone, you also need this service to install a color rim. We will execute on the spot for 10-15 minutes.

Get this service via mail-in worldwide. Easy as 1-2-3-4, and top-level quality are guaranteed.

Price of Replacement rim service for your BlackBerry model

from $6
If your BlackBerry model is not listed here, perhaps, we drive you to wrong page. Some times it's easier to inquiry repair services and evaluation of cost.  

Replacement of the rim (side panel) in the service center BlackBerry

The rim of the BlackBerry is, perhaps, the most "representative" component of the BlackBerry — case, it determines the appearance of the smartphone: neatness, style and design. The rims on the BlackBerry can be original colors (with such rims you can buy a smartphone, for example, black or metallic) and exclusive (for example, gold, red, blue, with Swarovski crystals). Thus, the owner of the smartphone BlackBerry often has two options: replace the original bezel with the same new one, or "upgrade" to the version that you like.

However, in some cases the bezel not only creates an image of a smartphone, but also performs certain functions. For example, on the BlackBerry 9900 Bold, the bezel includes a side switch chip and contacts of the "Glass" charger. On BlackBerry Z10 — also includes speech dynamics, a microphone, a vibrator, antennas and other small elements. That's why replacing the rim is often just necessary to restore the device's performance.

Replacement of the rim — is a task that our specialists perform "on the spot", and you do not have to leave the device for a long time. For replacement we use original spare parts unique for different BlackBerry devices (for example, for Z10 and Q10 there are different types of rims). Having updated this element of the case, the smartphone can please you for a long time.

Оригинальный ободок в сборке для BlackBerry Z10Оригинальный ободок для BlackBerry Q10Оригинальный ободок для BlackBerry 9780 BoldЦветной ободок для BlackBerry 9300 CurveЭксклюзивный ободок для BlackBerry 9900/9930 Bold Touch

The bezel can be replaced on almost all BlackBerry models, including:

  • BlackBerry Classic
  • BlackBerry Passport
  • BlackBerry Z10
  • BlackBerry Q10
  • BlackBerry P'9981 Porsche Design
  • BlackBerry 9900 / 9930 Bold
  • BlackBerry 9700 / 9780 Bold
  • BlackBerry 9000 Bold

For a complete list of models and replacement prices, see the "Service price for your model BlackBerry" item above.